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About Us

Charcoal Restaurant is an Indonesian restaurant with a twist. We use traditional Indonesian dishes and turn them into something new by taking inspiration in our food from the Western society. We believe that fusion is the way of the future and that by appreciating and gaining inspiration from multiple countries, we can make any customer satisfied!

Founded in 2015, Charcoal Restaurant has expanded to 2 different locations in Bali, Indonesia. We have gained a great amount of success over the years and are very optimistic about our future.

What We Believe

We strongly believe in creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere for our customers. We see our customers as friends at a dinner party rather than strangers to feed. We use live music and dancing during meals to interact with customers and give them a memorable experience.

Even though we do get busy and tend to get caught up in satisfying the needs of our customers, we never forget to give back and donate extra food to people who are struggling on the streets and can't afford food themselves. We happily announced this policy in June 2015.